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Francisco Nogueira ranks second in PokerStars Bounty Builder HR

Francisco Nogueira finishes second in PokerStars'...

Francisco Nogueira, known as “Chiconogue,” had a great time in Tuesday’s PokerStars event. Francisco finished second in one of the platform’s most important regular tournaments, the $530 Bounty Builder High Roller, earning$9,457.

Luan Leonel, also known as “Pseudo Fruto”. “, finished fifth on Super Tuesday for $1,050 in a field of 84 players. His balance increased by $7,135.

Pilot of the “Falcaogol” account Richard Falcão won the gold medal and a nice medal Bounty Builder Award worth $33. He won $6,481 after beating 1,545 entrants.

In the end, Bruna Araújo, “bruna_bsb” beat out 295 competitors to take home the gold medal, earning $5,916 and a $109 Bounty Builder medal.

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Daily Cooldown $109 Nello Neto “nellinhoo” 1. $5,543 $27 Daily Eliminator Douglas Hobold “h .dogui” 1. $4,678 Bounty Generator $162 Lucas Rocha “Rochinha2011” 1. $4,503 $55 Daily Sonic “Tsleh” 1. $4,000 $55 Daily Sonic Pedro Fernandes “phcrf” 2 . $3,771 $55 Mini Bounty Generator HR Jeferson Bonfim “JefersonBonfim” 4. $3,288

Francisco Nogueira finishes second in PokerStars'...

Rodrigo Selouan finishes fourth for Titans, earning $5,200

Rodrigo Selouan finishes fourth for Titans, earnin...

For the second week in a row, star player Rodrigo Selouan was the country’s highlight in the $5,200 Titan, PokerStars Sunday’s premier high roller event. The rider with the account “SELOUAN1991” was eliminated in fourth place for $39,694.

Selouan entered the 4-max tournament with the shortest stack. When he held 17 BBS, he found K ♦K ♥ and raised straight to 80,000 from the button. Meanwhile, Big Pavel “silentm0de” Plesuv called and saw 7♥5♥3 ♦ flop. When Selouan announced a continuation bet of 66,000, Plesuv decided to check-raise to 152,000. Selouan then pushed his chips into the middle of the table and received a call. Plesuv dominated with 7♣6♦, but was still at a disadvantage on the Q on the turn and the 2 on the river.

Although Selouan fought hard, he was unable to get closer to his opponent. As a farewell, he had a public push with 9 BBS. Plesuv immediately called with A♣K ♦ and saw that the Brazilian held A ♦ 4 . The 2♠8♦2♣Q♠9♠ board hit no one and the European won the pot.

“Andrehs903” (No. 5) and Pedro “pvigar” Garagnani (No. 8) also took part in the FT and left PokerStars with prices of $29,731 and $12,492 respectively. Plesuv won $94,468 for the title.

Rodrigo Selouan finishes fourth for Titans, earnin...

Fonseca brings Enjoy Poker Tour Turbo to Colombia

Fonseca brings Enjoy Poker Tour Turbo to Colombia

As the main event progresses, the ACR Poker Enjoy Poker Tour will offer even more action, with a parallel tournament starting this Monday. One of them is the Turbo US$330, which is titled Juan Fonseca.

The coffee player won at the Enjoy Punta del Este and in addition to the trophy he also won $14,685 in prize money, which he earned after defeating Pedro Komaromi heads-up -uy- bonus.

ACR Poker Enjoy Poker Tour Turbo Final Table. Diego Echeverría finished on the podium with $6,115.

The tournament had 205 entries and was worth $330, with a pot awarded to the top 26 finishers taking home $59,655.

Fonseca brings Enjoy Poker Tour Turbo to Colombia

Another state to open up online gambling and shared liquidity

Another state to open up online gambling and share...

Here’s the thing. Wyoming may be the least populous state, but some lawmakers have big plans when it comes to online casino gaming. A new bill was recently introduced in the state Legislature that would, fittingly, legalize online gambling. The state also previously legalized online sports betting in 2021.

The plan calls for allowing online poker, but with Wyoming’s population of only 585,000 people, players will have to rely on shared liquidity with other states waiting to see any boom in the market. This will be provided if the bill passes.

Wyoming Opens Up to Online Gaming

If the bill passes, iGaming would be regulated by the state gaming commission and would enable Internet-based versions or poker, two-player games typically offered in casinos. Variations of Eleven or other card, slot or gambling games, including any Internet-based games.

The legislation sponsored by four Republican representatives would authorize up to five operators, each paying an initial license fee of $100,000, renewable every five years for an additional $50,000. A provider license costs $10,000 and is renewable every five years at a cost of $5,000.

Poker fans will also be concerned about the addition of the game and another possible addition to the Multi-State Internet Gaming Agreement (MSIGA). The country is happy. , which enables liquidity sharing among poker operators inNevada, Michigan, New Jersey and Delaware.

“Interactive gambling operators in this state may accept interactive gambling wagers from persons physically located in the state” legislation provides that, by mutual agreement, this state is a permitted jurisdiction. ”

All income from online gambling will be taxed at 10%, and funding of $300,000-a-year gambling schemes will become more difficult to catch. A legal minimum age for participation in online gambling will be set Set to 18. The state already has several tribal casinos and also allows horse racing and charity gambling. It remains to be seen whether online gambling and poker will join these options.

Recently Over the past few weeks, several states have introduced legislation to legalize online gambling. These include New York, Illinois, Maryland and Hawaii.

Another state to open up online gambling and share...

Daniel Aziz takes the podium in Carnival Series Event 46-H

Daniel Aziz takes the podium in Carnival Series Ev...

As the Carnival Series comes to an end, the country’s grinders are on a roll. In Event 46-H: $1,050 No-Limit Hold’em Mystery Bounty Main Event, Daniel Aziz was eliminated in a three-way hand to take home $34,055. 835 participants took part in the tournament.

Dalton Hobold also shines on PokerStars. In Event 56-H: $530 NL Hold’em The Copacabana, Dalton Hobold earned the bronze medal and $11,539. Earlier in the day, the ace won another $10,403 on the $215 StacKOsaurus.

Event 54-M: $55 No Limit Hold’em Mini Bounty Generator HR SE comes in green and yellow. Cézar “cezinhaaaaaa” Neto (first place) and “Demiciaano” (second place) received $18,558 and $14,135 respectively.

In Event 53-M: $33 NL Hold’em Monster Stacks, Angelo “AnoeloBR” Barrichello took the podium and took home $16,248.

Also on the site: Lucas “mennck” Menck was eliminated in heads-up play at Event 53-H: $320 NL Hold’em Monster Stacks, increasing his balance by $16,138.

Daniel Aziz takes the podium in Carnival Series Ev...

Mustafa Kanit praises organization of event

Mustafa Kanit praises organization and talks atmos...

Mustapha Kanit is one of the most successful foreigners to ever walk the South American halls of KSOP GGPoker. The Italian star is the second highest earner in the country’s history according to Hendon Mob and plays in some of the most important tournaments including the Bounty Hunter Super High Roller and Super High Roller.

While Canit is still in Brazil, he plans to play in at least one more tournament: the traditional High Roller, which starts this Sunday with a buy-in of 10,000 reais. But in an interview posted on GGPoker’s Instagram, you can already get a feel for the atmosphere of the event and the feelings of the Brazilian audience: “The atmosphere is very good, people really enjoy the game and the players are great…” Everyone very good. “I speak a little Portuguese, so they really opened up to me and I enjoyed the experience,” commented the Italian.

Kanit exuded a friendly attitude throughout the event. He always had a smile on his face while broadcasting and interacting with Brazilian players at the tables, such as when he saw Léo Rizzo’s special entry in the R$ 100,000 Super High Roller event with amusement. At the poker table, Bounty Hunters SHR saw a final table bubble, a full house to avoid elimination, and of course a crushing defeat against the opposition.

What if I walk away with the title? Well, the trophy has been reserved. “I had a Brazilian friend and she convinced me to come here, spend some time together and put pressure on me to come here and play,” said the Italian. “I promised her that if I win, I will give her the trophy. I will try my best to make them happy.”

Kanit hasn’t finished playing in the KSOP GGPoker South America yet, but he is excited about this time Kudos to the organization of the event. “I didn’t expect it to be so well organized, and to be fair, it’s one of the best organizations I’ve ever been a part of.” In the end, he left the High Roller with a “promise”: “I will Felipe [Mojave] ], you will see! (laughing) Thank you everyone, see you next time.

KSOP GGPoker South America will be broadcast on MundoTV with a delay of about 30 minutes. The main event is still in progress, you are still Possibility to participate in tournaments at all buy-in levels.

Mustafa Kanit praises organization and talks atmos...

Foxen earns No. 2 spot in HR in less than a week

Foxen family wins second High Roller event in less...

Alex Foxen won the $25,500 No-Limit Hold’em High Roller at the Lucky Hearts Poker Open (LHPO) at the Seminole Hard Rock Hotel. Casino in Hollywood, Florida. The win netted the two-time GPI Player of the Year $426,025. This success came three days after his wife Kristen Foxen won a PokerGO Tour event in Las Vegas.

Kristen also performed well in South Florida. He finished fourth for $117,325, while Alex finished fifth for $40,000 in a tournament won by his wife.

The $25,000 High Roller Tournament, part of the Lucky Hearts Poker 2024 Open Series, attracted 50 participants, including several top professionals. One of those players was Kevin Rabichow, who led most of the race. However, he was unable to maintain his lead at the final table and ended up finishing in second place for $284,050.

Kristen Foxen wins the PGT Kickoff Main Event after defeating her husband and Negreanu at HU last week.

Alex Foxen entered the final table with under 30 big blinds, but outlasted Justin Saliba in the early going, doubling his stack and leaving Saliba with crumbs. Soon after, Foxen officially eliminated him in fifth place ($80,275). ​​

Even though Foxen doubled his stack to a sizable stack, Rabichow still had firm control of the final table. He extended his lead to over 170 BBs when he eliminated Kristen Foxen in fourth.

Rabichow, one of the best online poker players in the world, then eliminated Thomas Boivin in third place ($172,900) and went heads-up with Alex Foxen, who was certainly looking to avenge his wife.

The last hand was Foxen’s all-in, and the card was A A A 7 JX JX 4 9. After careful consideration, Rabichow decided to call with the last BB and looked for the hero of Q J to follow. This was a mistake. He was eventually eliminated in second place with a bonus of $284,050.

For the Foxes, this is their second home title of the year, in addition to eight final table appearances. The couple posed for a photo with their dog Riley on his 17th birthday.

Foxen family wins second High Roller event in less...

Poker Monday continues at Melincué Casino

Poker Monday continues at Melincué Casino

December is here and the year is over, but the action at Merincue Casino and Casino does not stop. Resorthas confirmed to host two editions of Poker Mondays, a traditional tournament held over several weeks at one of the region’s most prestigious institutions.

The buy-in for this event is $50,000, with starting chips starting at 40,000 chips. Can register to Level 6 or re-register for the same price, up to $50,000, up to Level 6. Play starts at 7.30pm with blinds of 30 and 20 minutes.

In December, Mondays at 11am and 6pm are confirmed so you can book your schedule and enjoy the best poker games at Melincué Casino & Resort.

Poker Monday – Melincué Casino & Resort Technical Sheet

Date: Monday, March 11 & 18

Time: 7:30 PM

Buy-in: $50,000

Starting Chips: 40,000 chips (plus 5,000 on-time chips)

Re-Enter: $50,000 (max. Level 6)

Late Registration:Level 6

Dead Zone:First 6 levels 30 minutes; then 20′.

Poker Monday continues at Melincué Casino

Micro Omacholic Bounty Million$ and Micro Global Million$ on Poker

Micro Omacholic Bounty Millions and Micro Global M...

GGPoker recently launched a Micro Festival series with a total guarantee of $10,000,000. The festival continues the poker room’s fine tradition of hosting events with more modest buy-ins after major tournament series.

As part of the festival, there will be two fun tournaments soon, priced at $5 and $5.40$ happening this series. These tournaments can be considered fun due to their relatively low cost and impressive guarantees of $250,000 and $100,000 respectively.

We are talking about the Micro Global Million$ and Micro Omacholic Bounty Million events $. Two of these tournaments will be taking place in the GGPoker lobby soon. They also have tons of cheaper satellites.

Micro Global Million Dollar Championship Highlights

  • Date & Time: Day 1 The stages are held every day, and the stage on the last day will be held at 23:30 (UTC+3) from June 11th to 25th.
  • Costs and Guarantees: $5 buy-in with an initial prize pool of $250,000.
  • Tournament Structure: Starting stacks are 10,000 chips (100BB ) with blinds increasing every 10 minutes.
  • Satellites: Although the buy-in was low, large Satellites worth $0.50 appeared every day on the first day of the event.

Players should also keep an eye out for Express satellites: Roshambo is $2.50, Avatar Race and Flip&Go are $1.65, and AoF is $1.25. If a poker player wins more than one lottery ticket on the first day, it serves as an opportunity to re-enter.

Micro Omacholic Bounty Millions Key Details $ Tournament

  • Time: Start Tournaments take place daily in the GGPoker lobby. The final stage will be held from June 11th to 25th at 23:30 (UTC+3).
  • Buy-in and Guarantee: The fee to enter the tournament is $5.40 for the player and $100,000 for the pledge.
  • Tournament Structure: Starting Chip Stack 25,000 chips (125 BB) with 8 minutes between blind spots.
  • Qualifiers: At the democratic rate, poker players pay as little as $0.55 per day to participate in satellite tournaments.

Quick satellites are not offered for this tournament. Similar to Micro Global Million$ events, players can use additional tournament tickets to re-enter. The Micro-Omacholic Bounty Million$ event itself will be played in a progressive elimination format, giving players an additional chance to win a mega bounty jackpot. Good luck at the poker table!

Micro Omacholic Bounty Millions and Micro Global M...

WPT: Matias Gabrenja and Nico Betbesé made huge strides

WPT: Matias Gabrenja and Nico Betbesé made huge st...

Matías Gabrenja and Nicolás Betbesé look to make history in the $1,100 WPT Prime Championship, one of the biggest events of the year and taking place in the Encore Room Wynn Las Vegas. Both passed the first flight with important leverage.

Last December, he competed against a massive field of 5,430 entrants to shatter the $2,000,000 guarantee, totaling The prize pool is $5,267,100. The 2023 version promises an even bigger deal, with a significant increase in guarantee to $5,000,000. 2,198 passengers have been registered in just two days.

There are four open flights this year, with the third taking off this Saturday and the fourth on Sunday. The survivors of the opening day four-man group will return for Day 2 on Monday, followed by Day 3 on Wednesday. The final table (televised) will take place one week from today, on Tuesday 19th December.

Players start with 40,000 chips, blinds are 100/200, and big blind ante is 200. Levels last 40 minutes, with a 15-minute break every three levels, and a 75-minute dinner break after level 9.That’s how the two Argentines fare in this WPT.

After Day 1A, Betbesé is in 13th place with 696,000 chips out of 204 remaining players. On Day 1B, when Gabrenja, the best of 273, ended up with 1,135,000 in chips, he was beaten only by Adam Thaggard (1,706,000) and Daniel Maor > Beat > Exceeded (1,358,000), the two best scores on the first flight.

They all want it on the WPT TV table

Matthias is clearly running great good. The hand that propelled him over the top was the final hand on Saturday morning when he triple-shoed as Queen against two opponents who also held pairs, tens and nines. “The way he’s moving, he’s definitely going to get some quads,” predicted one witness at the table. The fact that there were two more pieces on the board ensured the Argentinian victory.

WPT: Matias Gabrenja and Nico Betbesé made huge st...

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