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Complete WSOP Paradise Schedule

WSOP Paradise schedule released

A few weeks ago, the WSOP, in partnership with GGPoker (Russian PokerOK), announced the launch of a new “bracelet” series, WSOP Paradise, which will take place in the Bahamas at the end of the year.

WSOP Paradise schedule released

Jason Kuhn wins Triton Poker Series Main Event

Jason Kuhn wins Triton Poker Series Main Event and...

Yesterday Jason Koon became the only man in the world to win 7 trophies of players have the expensive Triton poker series. Before starting, the poker player had five trophies in his fortune. However, within a week, he not only expanded their roster, but also added millions of dollars in funding.

Jason won his first event at the start of the festival – the $20,000 NLHE, earning him $663,000. The second win was even more impressive, and the American poker player couldn’t control his emotions afterwards.

Jason won the $100,000 Main Event of the series. The event attracted 101 entrants (including re-entrants) and had a prize pool of $10,100,000. The traditional three-day event attracts some of the best poker players in the world, including Steve O’Dwyer, Ben Heath, Dan Smith, Sean Winter, Sam Greenwood, Mike Watson and Stephen Chidwick.

Arriving in a heads-up game against Sam Greenwood, Jason had a comfortable chip lead, 80 BB to 21 BB, but the two immediately agreed to the ICM agreement. At 10%, the title is still up in the air. Under the terms of the contract, they received:

  • Jason: $2,451,082.
  • Sam: $1,923,918.

The players returned to the table, but within minutes of going all-in, they were towering over the table. Greenwood called and Kuhn followed quickly.

After the game, Jason wondered why he had such good luck with all-in moves – he even won the final flop from below. The board was full as Kuhn won his record seventh title.

After winning, Jason couldn’t help but shed tears:

“You are facing a huge opponent. There are many problems to solve.” Pressure. There are so many emotions inside you, and one of those feelings is not just joy, but “I can’t believe it.” That’s how I felt. I don’t play in any other poker tournaments. Triton Poker is the most important series to me. I’m sure Helmut felt the same way every time he won the bracelet. “I can’t express my gratitude enough,” Kuhn said.

In addition to the huge prize, Jason also received a unique Jacob & Watch the Main Event Winner. However, Kuhn is likely to take home more than one watch: if Kuhn manages to beat Stephen Chidwick for Player of the Year, series co-creator Paul Phua will present it to him A watch from his personal collection.

This may have already happened, but the final results are still being tallied. With just days left until the end of the series, Jason can improve his reputation.

Jason Kuhn wins Triton Poker Series Main Event and...

Conor McGregor wins $40,000 playing roulette in Las Vegas casino

Conor McGregor wins $40,000 playing roulette in La...

No one has heard of the famous UFC boxer Conor McGregor, except for those who are not interested at all. Interested people are interested in sports. The eccentric and mean-spirited Irishman has proven his skills time and time again in the ring.

Over time, a cult of personality grew around McGregor, and his name gained immense authority in more than just the sports world. Conor is also known for his pranks outside the ring.

McGregor never misses any opportunity to humiliate his opponents and shows his advantages in everything. Now he is doing well and knows how to attract large audiences and “market” his name.

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Especially his whiskey brand “Proper Twelve” became so famous that the U.S. Some stores had limited sales of the alcoholic beverage to two bottles per hand. Conor recently took a bottle of the whiskey to a casino in Las Vegas, where he played roulette after the match between Jevonte Davis and Ryan Garcia.

McGregor’s favorite was Garcia, but he lost this game. Connor clearly wanted the couple to let loose at the casino, and he succeeded pretty well. Even though McGregor was a little drunk, he still won $40,000 that night.

Conor also discussed the Davis vs. Garcia fight with some casino attendees and shared his thoughts and impressions. Obviously, McGregor is still lucky except for a leg injury in 2021, and McGregor has not played a game since then.

Conor McGregor wins $40,000 playing roulette in La...

Team USA wins 14 WSOPC rings

Josh Reichardt chases Maurice Hawkins in WSOPC rin...

Josh Reichardt, an American player from Wisconsin, is not well known in the poker world, but this week he won the World Series of Poker Tour Main Event for $253,073. To do that, he had to beat 954 players, a career record for the award.

This victory not only earned him a huge bonus, but also a classic WSOP gold ring. This award is the 14th time in his career. Remarkably, only one player before him could achieve this feat – Maurice Hawkins, who also has 14 rings in his trophy collection.

Josh has every chance of beating that record – and now he’s actively competing in the series. Morris has been increasingly out of the spotlight after being publicly accused of his debts. He continues to compete in “in-ring” events, albeit without success so far – he’s only had a handful of second-place finishes over the past three years.

It is worth noting that Reichard is not only proud to have won more awards, but also to be a part of the Mid-States Poker Tour Series Hall of Fame. When talking about his own achievements, Josh mentioned Phil Helmuth – who also holds the WSOP bracelet record and is also from Wisconsin.

“The WSOP website has pictures of all the record holders, including Phil Helmuth. That’s what I thought. “It would be cool to have my picture next to his because we’re from Wisconsin Two people. I’m sure Maurice’s photo will stay there, but it just inspires me to go there myself one day,” Josh commented.

Josh won’t stop there – he plans to continue traveling the state and attending “Ring” tournaments to improve his score.

“I’m going to ride the wave. ” commented Reichard.

Josh Reichardt chases Maurice Hawkins in WSOPC rin...

Negreanu’s plans for 2023 WSOP

Daniel Negreanu plans to spend $1 million at 2023...

All poker players don’t associate June 1st with the start of summer; It is associated with the beginning of summer. WSOP 2023. On this day, a world-class poker tournament kicked off in the sin capital of Las Vegas. Of course, legendary athletes have traditionally appeared in the game, including Negreanu, the owner of six bracelets.

The Canadian poker player confirmed this on his Twitter account. Daniel told his followers that he plans to play 80% of the events on the 2023 WSOP schedule. This is approximately 80 events, and it turns out that Daniel attends an average of 2-3 events per day. It’s safe to say he had to run hard between the tables.

When was the last time Negreanu won a bracelet?

Daniel won six gold bracelets during his career. But his last WSOP win was a decade ago.

There are over 100 different events on the World Series of Poker schedule. From June to mid-July, Daniel only had two days off. Negreanu will spend at least $1,000,000 on the buy-in. This is not a final amount as poker players may still re-enter.

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The most interesting thing to watch will be Negreanu competing in the $50,000 and $100,000 tournaments. The prize pools at these events are huge and feature some of the biggest names in gaming. Let’s see if Daniel hasn’t lost his talent yet and what he can do against his opponents.

This year’s series schedule is very busy and there is a good chance it will be a record breaking day for both the number and price of events. Also, don’t forget that some bracelet stocks are held on GGPoker UA, so you have the opportunity to play at Negreanu’s tables.

Daniel Negreanu plans to spend $1 million at 2023...

Roland Israelashvili wins his ninth WSOPC ring

Roland Israelashvili wins ninth WSOPC ring

The name of Georgian-American poker player Roland Izraelashvili often appears in various Headlines from the English poker media.

The story of this sports car enthusiast’s successful business selling precious jewelry in New York is unique. The poker player is the world record holder for the most jackpots won on the World Series of Poker and WSOP circuits.

Roland once again reminded the poker world that he is on his way to winning his next WSOP trophy. However, instead of a gold bracelet, it’s a WSOP C-shaped ring.

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$400 No-Limit Hold’em This tournament is a WSOP Circuit- Part of the Chicago Series. The event had 279 participants and a prize pool of $92,070.

Izraelashvili bested the field to win his ninth WSOPC ring and $20,220 in prize money. This was his 211th WSOP Circuit event and he had won over $1,000,000 in total. The runner-up in the competition was American Benjamin Keeline, who received $12,500.

Although Roland has nine cashes to his name, he has also won 164 ITM titles at WSOP-Events and completed 33 times at the WSOP Europe. No other poker player has achieved this feat. However, Izraelashvili has yet to win any World Series of Poker bracelets. During his poker career, he has won over $4,229,000 in live tournaments.

Roland Israelashvili wins ninth WSOPC ring

UKIPT Brighton Series

PokerStars brings UKIPT series back to London by t...

This year is sure to go down in the history of live poker in the world. Each organizer is breaking records, setting ambitious goals, expanding geographical areas and bringing back old stations.

The EPT and Estrellas Poker Tour series concluded in Barcelona last week, with the ESPT Main Event being the best live tournament in PokerStars history and the UKIPT series starting on September 5th over five days.

Brighton is a city in East Sussex on the south coast of England. It is located on the banks of the canal and the series is hosted by Rendezvous Casino.

PokerStars has many such sites across Europe and hosts regional festivals, but UKIPT in Brighton stands out as a long-forgotten place

UKIPT on The first time it was held in “London by the Sea” was in 2011, and since then it has only been held in the British capital. The schedule is pretty standard, with a few side events, a £1,100 Main Event, a £2,200 High Roller, a £330 UKIPT Cup and a £220 Women’s Championship.

The series itself is lackluster, but what’s interesting is that’s the expansion itself. Competition in live poker is particularly fierce ahead of December’s “Battle of the Big Three.” That’s why Stars is not only expanding geographically, but also reviving previous events on a massive scale.

In addition to the UKIPT, PokerStars has also relaunched its pre-Black Friday NAPT series in Las Vegas. The relaunched festival will take place from December 4 to 12, just before the start of the Formula 1 race. It’s one of Red Peaks’ most significant achievements, as Nevada officials pledged to never allow the operator into the state.

PokerStars brings UKIPT series back to London by t...

Jack Poker’s Bad Beat Jackpot – Lose Two Pairs and Get 15BB!

Jack Poker’s Bad Beat Jackpot – Lose Two Pairs and...

Jack Poker continues to innovate in the world of online poker. The young operator already offers its users the largest welcome bonus, including cash, match tickets and increased rebates.

Now the room is launching another feature – the famous Bad Beat Jackpot, which operates according to special rules.

Usually this option is triggered when you lose a very strong combo. The most faithful condition: Surrender in a pot fight. However, most rooms have rules from card rack to card table.

Jack Poker is changing the game in the industry and counting Bad Beat Jackpot as a loss even if you have two pairs! However, unlike other rooms, the jackpot is not progressive and the payout is fixed.

Badbit works on Hold’em, PLO and PLO5 tables. For each format, there are different combinations that activate the jackpot:

  • Hold: Two pairs.
  • Omaha : Flush.
  • 5 Card Omaha: Full House.

Equal payouts for each rule – 15 limit big blinds. It doesn’t matter which hand you lose: set up flush or rack-to-rack. Regardless, the 15 BB payout will be credited to the player’s balance.

The remaining rules are industry standards. Contestants must use two pocket cards to make combinations and perform a showdown.

Payments are made in Insta-Cash currency, available at all cash tables. Conversions are made based on the room’s standard conditions: $5 for every $20 of commission generated.

Bad Beat Jackpot does not work at all tables. There is a special icon indicating that this feature is active.

Also, there are tables in the lobby that activate the Bad Beat Jackpot and Monte Carlo Jackpot. This way, whether you win or lose a hand, you get a cash prize!

Jack Poker’s Bad Beat Jackpot – Lose Two Pairs and...

Negreanu appeared on Flip

Max stack doesn't help Negreanu win another WSOP b...

Yesterday, the final phase of the Flip & event concluded. The Go Bracelet Tournament ends at GGPoker, the cheapest $100 bracelet tournament on the published schedule.

Dozens of flip stages made it possible to crack the promised million guarantees, with poker players sharing from $1,260,365 to . A total of 798 players made it to the finals (and thus went directly to the ITM).

GGPoker Ambassador Daniel Negreanu has the biggest stack. It’s unclear how much money he’s invested in the game and how many times he’s flipped the stage. However, he started with 2,700 BB and averaged 40 BB.

In order to win the long-awaited gold bracelet, Negreanu even went live and attracted more than 6,000 viewers within minutes. With a huge lead, KidPoker began his path to victory.

Despite having so many chips, it is impossible to win the championship again. Negreanu gradually lost ground and ended up in 53rd place. His bonus was $2,652.

The prize funds Daniel’s investment in Flip & Go tournament, as he would definitely need more than 26 Stage 1 entries to get that many starting chips.

For comparison, last year Viktor Malinovsky decided to play the same way. He made 135 bets for $100 and won 1,255 big blinds. Negreanu makes twice as much.

The best result in Russian was achieved by Ukrainian player Andrey Derzhipilsky. He finished 12th and earned $6,168.

In such a difficult competition, the player with the Vietnamese flag won. He won his first gold bracelet and $122,000 in prize money and started another freeroll, earning a $100,000 ticket to the WSOP Paradise in the Asian continent.

Max stack doesn't help Negreanu win another WSOP b...

WPT will attempt to set a new record

WPT aims to set new world record

Last year, the World Poker Tour set a new world record by breaking the $15,000,000 guarantee in a live tournament. and achieved great success. Despite a $10,400 buy-in, the WPT still attracted 2,960 players and a $29,000,000 prize pool.

This year the organizers have set a new and ambitious record. The WPT World Championship will be held in December with a guaranteed prize pool of $40,000,000 and a buy-in of $10,400.

This contest requires a minimum of 4,000 entries to avoid overlap. The series runs from November 29 to December 21, while the historic championship has a four-day start from December 12 to 21.

This will be a fluid structure, with starting chips of 100,000, levels of 60 minutes, levels on day one of 90 minutes, and heads-up play of 45 minutes each.

Overall, the WPT is expected to outperform all competitors. In addition to the announced events, there are some other interesting matches on the show. For example, the Mystery Bounty has a $1,600 buy-in with a $2,000,000 guarantee; a cheap $600 rebuy offers a $1,000,000 bonus; and the legendary WPT Prime tournament returns for $1,100 with a $5,000,000 prize.

There will also be a rematch of the Women’s Championship, poker’s only event with a guaranteed prize pool of $250,000. Entry fee remains $1,100.

The largest tournament will be the WPT Big One for One Drop with a prize of $1,000,000. It’s sure to attract dozens of high-limit amateurs.

The WPT is not afraid of competition

Interestingly, while GGPoker and the WSOP will simultaneously host the Bracelet Series in the Bahamas, the EPT will be in Prague. By planning such a wide range of programming, the World Poker Tour may hope to attract a large audience, not just from North America, but from around the world.

WPT aims to set new world record

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