Conor McGregor wins $40,000 playing roulette in Las Vegas casino

Conor McGregor wins $40,000 playing roulette in La...

No one has heard of the famous UFC boxer Conor McGregor, except for those who are not interested at all. Interested people are interested in sports. The eccentric and mean-spirited Irishman has proven his skills time and time again in the ring.

Over time, a cult of personality grew around McGregor, and his name gained immense authority in more than just the sports world. Conor is also known for his pranks outside the ring.

McGregor never misses any opportunity to humiliate his opponents and shows his advantages in everything. Now he is doing well and knows how to attract large audiences and “market” his name.

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Especially his whiskey brand “Proper Twelve” became so famous that the U.S. Some stores had limited sales of the alcoholic beverage to two bottles per hand. Conor recently took a bottle of the whiskey to a casino in Las Vegas, where he played roulette after the match between Jevonte Davis and Ryan Garcia.

McGregor’s favorite was Garcia, but he lost this game. Connor clearly wanted the couple to let loose at the casino, and he succeeded pretty well. Even though McGregor was a little drunk, he still won $40,000 that night.

Conor also discussed the Davis vs. Garcia fight with some casino attendees and shared his thoughts and impressions. Obviously, McGregor is still lucky except for a leg injury in 2021, and McGregor has not played a game since then.

Conor McGregor wins $40,000 playing roulette in La...

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  • Marilyne.king

    This text provides a positive portrayal of Conor McGregor, highlighting his success in the UFC ring and his ability to attract a large audience. It also mentions his successful whiskey brand and a recent incident at a casino where he won $40,000 despite being a bit drunk.

  • This text provides a brief overview of Conor McGregor and his fame as a UFC boxer, highlighting his skills in the ring and his ability to attract large audiences. It also mentions his whiskey brand, Proper Twelve, and his recent casino experience where he won $40,000 but suffered a leg injury in 2021, preventing him from playing any games since then.

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