Espen Jørstad tries to get 3% of its prize money from WSOP ME 2022

Espen Jørstad Takes $300,000 Off His WSOP Main Eve...

Where there is fame and big wins, there is almost always is in trouble. Something similar happened to Norwegian poker player Espen Jørstad.

This summer, Espen became the $10,000 World Series of Poker Main Event winner for a total prize pool of $80,782,470. After winning WSOP ME 2022, he bagged the biggest cash of his poker career: $10,000,000.

Supporting a poker pro like Espen is familiar. After the Norwegian succeeded in a WSOP team event (with Patrick Leonard) and won his first gold bracelet, the bet sales were of course quite successful, and the poker player kept a detailed log of all sales.

Nevertheless, the Norwegian has demanded 3% of his winnings, referring to verbal agreement . We’re talking about Greek champion Alex Theologis of the 2021 WSOP Online Bracelet Championship. When the newcomer emerged as the chip leader on day seven of the WSOP 2022 Main Event, Theologis and Jørstad verbally agreed to swap 3 percent of their chips, The Greek reported.

After Espen’s win, Alex claimed “his 3%” of the Main Event win, which equated to $300,000. Jostad politely dismissed the poker player, saying they had no such agreement. The theologian went on to ask him to share, claiming Jostad simply “forgot or pretended not to know” their business.

The Norwegian poker player even met the Greek himself and showed him the original documents detailing all the details of the sale or exchange of shares.

At first, Espen didn’t really want it to open up about the situation and try to resolve everything peacefully. Jostad initially thought the theologians had just messed up and wanted to resolve the conflict. However, things escalated further when a drunk Irishman approached the Norwegian during a match in Cyprus and started yelling at Espen “3% back”.

Jostad was very disturbed by the situation and decided to speak publicly about it. The most interesting thing is that there is no explicit or indirect evidence to support the above transaction, other than the statement of Alex Theologis. In turn, Espen is ready to undergo arbitration proceedings involving other high-profile poker players to finally end the conflict.

Espen Jørstad Takes $300,000 Off His WSOP Main Eve...


  • This text describes a conflict between Norwegian poker player Espen Jørstad and Greek champion Alex Theologis regarding a verbal agreement to swap 3% of their chips. Jørstad denies making such an agreement and is willing to undergo arbitration to resolve the conflict.

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