Jack Poker’s Bad Beat Jackpot – Lose Two Pairs and Get 15BB!

Jack Poker’s Bad Beat Jackpot – Lose Two Pairs and...

Jack Poker continues to innovate in the world of online poker. The young operator already offers its users the largest welcome bonus, including cash, match tickets and increased rebates.

Now the room is launching another feature – the famous Bad Beat Jackpot, which operates according to special rules.

Usually this option is triggered when you lose a very strong combo. The most faithful condition: Surrender in a pot fight. However, most rooms have rules from card rack to card table.

Jack Poker is changing the game in the industry and counting Bad Beat Jackpot as a loss even if you have two pairs! However, unlike other rooms, the jackpot is not progressive and the payout is fixed.

Badbit works on Hold’em, PLO and PLO5 tables. For each format, there are different combinations that activate the jackpot:

  • Hold: Two pairs.
  • Omaha : Flush.
  • 5 Card Omaha: Full House.

Equal payouts for each rule – 15 limit big blinds. It doesn’t matter which hand you lose: set up flush or rack-to-rack. Regardless, the 15 BB payout will be credited to the player’s balance.

The remaining rules are industry standards. Contestants must use two pocket cards to make combinations and perform a showdown.

Payments are made in Insta-Cash currency, available at all cash tables. Conversions are made based on the room’s standard conditions: $5 for every $20 of commission generated.

Bad Beat Jackpot does not work at all tables. There is a special icon indicating that this feature is active.

Also, there are tables in the lobby that activate the Bad Beat Jackpot and Monte Carlo Jackpot. This way, whether you win or lose a hand, you get a cash prize!

Jack Poker’s Bad Beat Jackpot – Lose Two Pairs and...

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  • The text is promoting the online poker operator Jack Poker and highlighting its innovative features, such as the largest welcome bonus and the introduction of the Bad Beat Jackpot. This jackpot is triggered for different combinations in different game formats, and regardless of the hand you lose, you will receive a fixed payout of 15 big blinds.

  • The text describes Jack Poker’s innovation in the online poker industry, including their largest welcome bonus and the introduction of the Bad Beat Jackpot feature. This feature, unlike others, considers a loss even with two pairs and offers a fixed payout of 15 limit big blinds for specific combinations in different formats of poker.

  • White.montana

    This text describes Jack Poker’s innovative approach to online poker by introducing the Bad Beat Jackpot feature, which offers fixed payouts for specific losing combinations regardless of hand strength. The inclusion of this feature sets Jack Poker apart from other rooms in the industry and adds an exciting incentive for players to participate in games.

  • Veum.garfield

    I think the text is informative about Jack Poker’s new feature, the Bad Beat Jackpot, and how it differs from other online poker rooms. The inclusion of fixed payouts and specific combinations for triggering the jackpot makes it a unique and potentially appealing option for players.

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