Mystery Millions Final Table

PokerOK Russian Mystery Million Final

The second night of the Mystery Bounty Tournament begins with the prize successfully surpassing the $10,000,000 mark. The top knockout prize of $1,000,000 was claimed by John Milly of Costa Rica, who finished 224th and earned an additional $7,937.

That’s great, but thanks to millions of Costa Ricans, our players are also reaping the benefits. John Milly sold 50% of his shares at odds of 2.0, so few bets were placed.

Artem TritonTriDan Sadovsky bought 10% of the shares and he managed to turn a few dozen dollars into $6. The total number of people.

As usual, a one-week break will follow after the tournament reaches the final table. The fight for the bracelet begins next Tuesday. Most interestingly, five of the nine finalists are Russian-speaking poker players.

The top two chips are occupied by Ukrainians. The first place goes to Igor Gulya who has an impressive 117 BB in chips. He is followed by compatriot Yuriy Oleynik who has 65 big blinds in the box.

Russian Dmitry Kurnosov is fourth in chips. He will start the game with 32 BB. He was followed by Poland’s Ilnaz Farrakhov with 29 BBs.

The list of top-ranked players is completed by another Ukrainian player, Alexander Pustovoy. He had moderate success on GGPoker, but is best known for his numerous Diprana’s in Sochi and other poker series. Alexander’s box contains 27 BBs.

Each received at least $25,000 in prize money and are vying for first place, a $354,000 guarantee and a gold bracelet. Since no trading is allowed at the final table of the WSOP Championship, the action will be played fairly to the end.

As for the mystery prize, the finalists didn’t have much luck coming up with the gold envelope. The biggest knockout went to Igor Guli for $5,760.

PokerOK Russian Mystery Million Final

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  • Angie.cruickshank

    This text provides an update on the ongoing Mystery Bounty Tournament, highlighting John Milly’s impressive knockout prize and the benefits for Costa Rican players. It also mentions the dominance of Russian-speaking and Ukrainian players in the final table of the tournament, with Igor Gulya leading the chip count.

  • Jacobs.lilliana

    This text provides updates on the Mystery Bounty Tournament, highlighting the achievements of various players, including John Milly who won the top knockout prize and sold 50% of his shares. It also mentions the presence of Russian-speaking and Ukrainian players at the final table, who are competing for a first-place prize of $354,000 and a gold bracelet.

  • The text describes the successful Mystery Bounty Tournament with a prize surpassing $10,000,000. It highlights John Milly’s impressive win and mentions the prominent presence of Russian-speaking poker players in the final table.

  • This text provides an exciting update on the Mystery Bounty Tournament, with impressive prize amounts and notable players. It’s interesting to see the dominance of Russian-speaking players at the final table, and the anticipation for the fight for the bracelet next Tuesday.

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