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Max stack doesn't help Negreanu win another WSOP b...

Yesterday, the final phase of the Flip & event concluded. The Go Bracelet Tournament ends at GGPoker, the cheapest $100 bracelet tournament on the published schedule.

Dozens of flip stages made it possible to crack the promised million guarantees, with poker players sharing from $1,260,365 to . A total of 798 players made it to the finals (and thus went directly to the ITM).

GGPoker Ambassador Daniel Negreanu has the biggest stack. It’s unclear how much money he’s invested in the game and how many times he’s flipped the stage. However, he started with 2,700 BB and averaged 40 BB.

In order to win the long-awaited gold bracelet, Negreanu even went live and attracted more than 6,000 viewers within minutes. With a huge lead, KidPoker began his path to victory.

Despite having so many chips, it is impossible to win the championship again. Negreanu gradually lost ground and ended up in 53rd place. His bonus was $2,652.

The prize funds Daniel’s investment in Flip & Go tournament, as he would definitely need more than 26 Stage 1 entries to get that many starting chips.

For comparison, last year Viktor Malinovsky decided to play the same way. He made 135 bets for $100 and won 1,255 big blinds. Negreanu makes twice as much.

The best result in Russian was achieved by Ukrainian player Andrey Derzhipilsky. He finished 12th and earned $6,168.

In such a difficult competition, the player with the Vietnamese flag won. He won his first gold bracelet and $122,000 in prize money and started another freeroll, earning a $100,000 ticket to the WSOP Paradise in the Asian continent.

Max stack doesn't help Negreanu win another WSOP b...

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    In this text, the author discusses the final phase of the Flip & Go bracelet tournament, highlighting GGPoker Ambassador Daniel Negreanu’s performance and eventual 53rd place finish. The text also mentions the achievements of other players, such as the Ukrainian player Andrey Derzhipilsky and the winner with the Vietnamese flag, who earned a gold bracelet and a ticket to the WSOP Paradise.

  • This text is a summary of the Flip & Go bracelet tournament in which Daniel Negreanu, a GGPoker Ambassador, had a strong start but ultimately finished in 53rd place. Despite his loss, a player with a Vietnamese flag emerged as the winner, earning their first gold bracelet and a prize of $122,000 along with a ticket to the WSOP Paradise in Asia.

  • The text provides a detailed overview of the final phase of the Flip & Go bracelet tournament, with information on top players like Daniel Negreanu and their performance. The Vietnamese player’s victory and subsequent win at the WSOP Paradise in Asia demonstrates the international appeal and competitiveness of the event.

  • I think the text provides a detailed summary of the recent Flip & Go bracelet tournament at GGPoker, including notable players like Daniel Negreanu and the final results. It shows the competitive nature of the tournament and the diverse range of participants, with some achieving significant winnings and prizes.

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