‘vousconfus’ lands in FT Online Super Series Game 422

'vousconfus' lands in FT Online Super Series Game...

Brazil’s winning streak has no end at the 40th edition of the Online Super Series OSS. In the early hours, “vousconfus” led the nation into the deciding round of Event 422: $2,650 NL Hold’em. When he was eliminated from the 5-max tournament, his balance increased by $42,489.

The FT is dominated by ace Roman “SanityWaterline” Romanovsky, who holds more than half the chips in the two-handed tournament going into 6 holes. In the process of searching for CL, “vousconfus” and “Olivander1” started a blind war. The Brazilian dominated with 10 8 ♣ against A ♥ 5 ♣, beating his opponent on the board with 7 ♣ 9 ♥ 3 ♣ 10 ♥ Q ♣ and sending him home.

Just two moves later “”vousconfus” was the one to lose all his chips. He got out with A 4♠, made a preflop raise with Romanovsky, and ended up with his chips in the middle of the table. With A ♥K♠, the Ukrainian hit the board with 5♥3♠A♠K♥Q♣ and was eliminated again.

Meanwhile, Gabriel “theWhoKnocks” Moura went heads-up in Event 421 . -H: $215 No-Limit Hold’em. Against all odds, he won the silver medal and $22,637.

Shortly later, in Event 424: $1,050 No-Limit Hold’em PKO, Gustavo “22doutrinador” Mastelotto earned $12,240 in fourth place.

Also in OSS, “SrZequinha” finished fifth out of 881 entries in the 423-H event: $215 NL Hold’em, a performance that Earning him $10,016.

'vousconfus' lands in FT Online Super Series Game...

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  • Turner.rippin

    This text highlights the success of Brazilian players in the 40th edition of the Online Super Series, with mentions of their victories and significant earnings. It emphasizes Brazil’s winning streak and showcases individual achievements in various poker events of the series.

  • Lennie.osinski

    This text discusses Brazil’s success in the 40th edition of the Online Super Series, highlighting victories by various Brazilian players in different poker events. The achievements include significant cash prizes and high placements, demonstrating Brazil’s strong presence and performance in the tournament.

  • Leopold.muller

    It seems that Brazilian players had a strong showing in the Online Super Series OSS, with multiple players making deep runs and earning significant cash prizes. It’s impressive to see their success in various events, showcasing their skills in poker.

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