‘xFenixSpacex’ Hacks Supreme Brazil’s HighS

‘xFenixSpacex’ Hacks Supreme Brazil’s HighS

On Thursday the 28th, “xFenixSpacex” took the podium in the R$1,200 HighS 100K GTD race after beating 100 opponents. In total, he won 36,698 reais.

While “TurnLino” earned R$33,443 for his victory in the R$250 Battle HR 200K GTD, second-place finisher “OndIbico” further increased his winnings with R$17,458.

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R$ 550 Mystery HR 100K GTD (203 entries)

Winner: “One Bet Mann” R$ 25,809

R$ 350 Omax HR 50K GTD (127 entrants)

Winner: “SeuzOreiudos” R$ 15,313

R$ 55 Battle 50K GTD (1,173 entrants)

Winner: “FALSE 9” R$ 9,679

R$15 plus 50K GTD (1,732 entrants)

Winner: “francimakina” €7,452

‘xFenixSpacex’ Hacks Supreme Brazil’s HighS

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