A poker cheat ordered murder

A poker scammer ordered the murder of his whistleb...

A true Hollywood story happened in America. A poker hustler with a long history has ordered the assassination of a director who has been preparing for years a project aimed at exposing him as a criminal.

We are talking about Fereydoun Khalilian – a 51 year old Miami resident who goes by the pseudonym “Prince Fred”. Most of his scams were done by successfully impersonating wealthy members of the royal families of Middle Eastern countries.

He started cheating a long time ago. Federal authorities first took an interest in him as early as 1989. He tried everything: a business partnership with Paris Hilton, the head of Monster Store (maker of the legendary Beats by Dre headphones). However, he does excel in the poker industry.

Five years ago, he successfully reached an agreement with a tribe in Oklahoma. He provides a complete turnkey poker operation and holds an Isle of Man license. The deal was valued at approximately $9,400,000. However, it turned out that even the website for the future project wasn’t well designed. He later managed to secure another deal with the Iowa Tribe, also from Oklahoma.

The latter is a bit unlucky. However, after failing on their first attempt, the tribe decided to move on and started Gray Snow Poker. The poker room tried to compete with the giants of the industry, even hiring Rainer Kempe as its ambassador, but it closed after a few years.

Failed Murder

The unnamed filmmaker who went public as the “prime victim” in the FBI file has spent the past four years working to expose Feredun Fraudulent items. Certainly not well for the protagonist of the future film, he decides to order the assassination of his creator.

For the execution, he turned to a former bodyguard named “Michael” who had such a “job” for an “estimated” $20,000. However, “Michael” immediately contacted the FBI, who decided to proceed.

They staged the director’s murder and took the appropriate pictures. Afterwards, Ferreton called “Michael” and asked if the body was safely hidden, which was enough for the police to catch the criminal.

Given the seriousness of the crime and all his previous cases, the “crown prince” will spend a long time in prison.

A poker scammer ordered the murder of his whistleb...

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  • Pfannerstill.andreane

    This text describes a true Hollywood story about a poker hustler named Fereydoun Khalilian who ordered the assassination of a director who aimed to expose his criminal activities. The director, however, turned to the FBI and staged his murder, leading to the capture of Khalilian, who will likely face a long prison sentence.

  • Kathlyn.thompson

    This text describes a dramatic and criminal tale involving a poker hustler named Fereydoun Khalilian, who allegedly ordered the assassination of a director working on a project to expose him as a criminal. However, the assassination plot fails, leading to Khalilian’s arrest and potential imprisonment.

  • Nienow.presley

    This text describes a dramatic Hollywood-style story involving a poker hustler who ordered the assassination of a director aiming to expose him. The criminal’s past scams and fraudulent activities eventually led to his downfall, resulting in his arrest and imprisonment.

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