Bernardo Dias wins BSOP Millions 2-Day High Roller for R$485,000

Bernardo Dias wins BSOP Millions 2-Day High Roller...

The long days spent playing BSOP Millions pay off big time. On the final day of Event 34: the R$10,000 NL Hold’em High Roller, Bernardo Dias emerged victorious after a marathon 15 hours. Under the bright sunshine of São Paulo, he left the WTC Sheraton Hall with the championship trophy and 485,000 reais in prize money.

Pros have dominated the action since casual player Gustavo Santucci won the stage’s inaugural High Roller, and Event 34 was no exception. Throughout the decider, “bedias” faced players he faces every day in online MTTs.

In a very close three-way match, the champion managed to seize the momentum of Yago Simplício and Guilherme to hold off this writer. The pros received R$231,000 and R$320,000 respectively.

A total of 197 players participated in Game 24. With 85 more re-entries, the tournament triggered a guarantee of R$1 million and resulted in a payout of R$2,404,150. Here’s how much each finalist won:

1. Bernardo Dias (Brazil) BRL 485,000

2. Guilherme Schreiber (Brazil) R$320,000

3. Yago Simplício (Brazil) R$231,000

4. João Fera (Brazil) 189,000 reais

5. Gerardo Rodriguez (Peru) 148,500 reais

6. Valentin Piergentile (Argentina) R$112,300

7. Ricardo Loyola (Brazil) R$82,500

8. Leonardo Duarte (Brazil) 60,600 reais

9. Victor Andreoletti (Brazil) R$50,250

Bernardo Dias wins BSOP Millions 2-Day High Roller...

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