Jason Kuhn wins Triton Poker Series Main Event

Jason Kuhn wins Triton Poker Series Main Event and...

Yesterday Jason Koon became the only man in the world to win 7 trophies of players have the expensive Triton poker series. Before starting, the poker player had five trophies in his fortune. However, within a week, he not only expanded their roster, but also added millions of dollars in funding.

Jason won his first event at the start of the festival – the $20,000 NLHE, earning him $663,000. The second win was even more impressive, and the American poker player couldn’t control his emotions afterwards.

Jason won the $100,000 Main Event of the series. The event attracted 101 entrants (including re-entrants) and had a prize pool of $10,100,000. The traditional three-day event attracts some of the best poker players in the world, including Steve O’Dwyer, Ben Heath, Dan Smith, Sean Winter, Sam Greenwood, Mike Watson and Stephen Chidwick.

Arriving in a heads-up game against Sam Greenwood, Jason had a comfortable chip lead, 80 BB to 21 BB, but the two immediately agreed to the ICM agreement. At 10%, the title is still up in the air. Under the terms of the contract, they received:

  • Jason: $2,451,082.
  • Sam: $1,923,918.

The players returned to the table, but within minutes of going all-in, they were towering over the table. Greenwood called and Kuhn followed quickly.

After the game, Jason wondered why he had such good luck with all-in moves – he even won the final flop from below. The board was full as Kuhn won his record seventh title.

After winning, Jason couldn’t help but shed tears:

“You are facing a huge opponent. There are many problems to solve.” Pressure. There are so many emotions inside you, and one of those feelings is not just joy, but “I can’t believe it.” That’s how I felt. I don’t play in any other poker tournaments. Triton Poker is the most important series to me. I’m sure Helmut felt the same way every time he won the bracelet. “I can’t express my gratitude enough,” Kuhn said.

In addition to the huge prize, Jason also received a unique Jacob & Watch the Main Event Winner. However, Kuhn is likely to take home more than one watch: if Kuhn manages to beat Stephen Chidwick for Player of the Year, series co-creator Paul Phua will present it to him A watch from his personal collection.

This may have already happened, but the final results are still being tallied. With just days left until the end of the series, Jason can improve his reputation.

Jason Kuhn wins Triton Poker Series Main Event and...

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  • This text highlights Jason Koon’s impressive achievements in the Triton poker series, where he won 7 trophies and added millions of dollars to his winnings. It also emphasizes his emotional response and gratitude for his success.

  • Schamberger.arnold

    This text highlights the impressive achievements of poker player Jason Koon, who won seven trophies at the Triton poker series and added millions of dollars to his fortune. The author also mentions his emotional reaction after winning the main event and the potential additional rewards he could receive for his performance.

  • Abner.johnston

    It seems that Jason Koon had an incredible week at the Triton poker series, winning two events and adding to his impressive trophy collection. His emotional reaction after winning his seventh title shows how much the victory meant to him.

  • This text highlights Jason Koon’s impressive success at the Triton poker series, where he won 7 trophies and earned millions of dollars. His emotional reaction to his victories and dedication to the series make it clear how important it is to him.

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