Micro Omacholic Bounty Million$ and Micro Global Million$ on Poker

Micro Omacholic Bounty Millions and Micro Global M...

GGPoker recently launched a Micro Festival series with a total guarantee of $10,000,000. The festival continues the poker room’s fine tradition of hosting events with more modest buy-ins after major tournament series.

As part of the festival, there will be two fun tournaments soon, priced at $5 and $5.40$ happening this series. These tournaments can be considered fun due to their relatively low cost and impressive guarantees of $250,000 and $100,000 respectively.

We are talking about the Micro Global Million$ and Micro Omacholic Bounty Million events $. Two of these tournaments will be taking place in the GGPoker lobby soon. They also have tons of cheaper satellites.

Micro Global Million Dollar Championship Highlights

  • Date & Time: Day 1 The stages are held every day, and the stage on the last day will be held at 23:30 (UTC+3) from June 11th to 25th.
  • Costs and Guarantees: $5 buy-in with an initial prize pool of $250,000.
  • Tournament Structure: Starting stacks are 10,000 chips (100BB ) with blinds increasing every 10 minutes.
  • Satellites: Although the buy-in was low, large Satellites worth $0.50 appeared every day on the first day of the event.

Players should also keep an eye out for Express satellites: Roshambo is $2.50, Avatar Race and Flip&Go are $1.65, and AoF is $1.25. If a poker player wins more than one lottery ticket on the first day, it serves as an opportunity to re-enter.

Micro Omacholic Bounty Millions Key Details $ Tournament

  • Time: Start Tournaments take place daily in the GGPoker lobby. The final stage will be held from June 11th to 25th at 23:30 (UTC+3).
  • Buy-in and Guarantee: The fee to enter the tournament is $5.40 for the player and $100,000 for the pledge.
  • Tournament Structure: Starting Chip Stack 25,000 chips (125 BB) with 8 minutes between blind spots.
  • Qualifiers: At the democratic rate, poker players pay as little as $0.55 per day to participate in satellite tournaments.

Quick satellites are not offered for this tournament. Similar to Micro Global Million$ events, players can use additional tournament tickets to re-enter. The Micro-Omacholic Bounty Million$ event itself will be played in a progressive elimination format, giving players an additional chance to win a mega bounty jackpot. Good luck at the poker table!

Micro Omacholic Bounty Millions and Micro Global M...

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  • This text highlights the launch of GGPoker’s Micro Festival series, showcasing tournaments with smaller buy-ins but impressive guarantees. The tournaments offer an opportunity for players to participate in events with relatively low costs while still having a chance to win substantial prize pools.

  • This text provides detailed information about GGPoker’s Micro Festival series, offering low buy-in tournaments with impressive guarantees. Players have the opportunity to participate in fun tournaments for $5 and $5.40 with the chance to win significant prize pools.

  • This text provides comprehensive information about the Micro Festival series launched by GGPoker, including details about the two upcoming fun tournaments with low buy-ins but impressive guarantees. It also highlights the various satellite options available for players to qualify for the main events, making it accessible for a wide range of players.

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    This text highlights the launch of a Micro Festival series on GGPoker with a total guarantee of $10 million, featuring fun tournaments with low buy-ins and impressive guarantees. Players have the opportunity to participate in these events through inexpensive satellites and have the chance to win big prizes.

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