Mustafa Kanit praises organization of event

Mustafa Kanit praises organization and talks atmos...

Mustapha Kanit is one of the most successful foreigners to ever walk the South American halls of KSOP GGPoker. The Italian star is the second highest earner in the country’s history according to Hendon Mob and plays in some of the most important tournaments including the Bounty Hunter Super High Roller and Super High Roller.

While Canit is still in Brazil, he plans to play in at least one more tournament: the traditional High Roller, which starts this Sunday with a buy-in of 10,000 reais. But in an interview posted on GGPoker’s Instagram, you can already get a feel for the atmosphere of the event and the feelings of the Brazilian audience: “The atmosphere is very good, people really enjoy the game and the players are great…” Everyone very good. “I speak a little Portuguese, so they really opened up to me and I enjoyed the experience,” commented the Italian.

Kanit exuded a friendly attitude throughout the event. He always had a smile on his face while broadcasting and interacting with Brazilian players at the tables, such as when he saw Léo Rizzo’s special entry in the R$ 100,000 Super High Roller event with amusement. At the poker table, Bounty Hunters SHR saw a final table bubble, a full house to avoid elimination, and of course a crushing defeat against the opposition.

What if I walk away with the title? Well, the trophy has been reserved. “I had a Brazilian friend and she convinced me to come here, spend some time together and put pressure on me to come here and play,” said the Italian. “I promised her that if I win, I will give her the trophy. I will try my best to make them happy.”

Kanit hasn’t finished playing in the KSOP GGPoker South America yet, but he is excited about this time Kudos to the organization of the event. “I didn’t expect it to be so well organized, and to be fair, it’s one of the best organizations I’ve ever been a part of.” In the end, he left the High Roller with a “promise”: “I will Felipe [Mojave] ], you will see! (laughing) Thank you everyone, see you next time.

KSOP GGPoker South America will be broadcast on MundoTV with a delay of about 30 minutes. The main event is still in progress, you are still Possibility to participate in tournaments at all buy-in levels.

Mustafa Kanit praises organization and talks atmos...

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  • This text provides an overview of Mustapha Kanit’s success as a foreign player in the KSOP GGPoker South America tournaments. It highlights his positive experience with the Brazilian audience and praises the organization of the event. Kanit expresses his determination to win and promises to give the trophy to a Brazilian friend if he achieves that goal.

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    The text praises Mustapha Kanit as one of the most successful foreign players in the history of the South American KSOP GGPoker. His friendly attitude and interactions with Brazilian players have been highlighted, and he has expressed excitement about the well-organized event.

  • This text highlights Mustapha Kanit’s success at the KSOP GGPoker in South America and his positive experience playing in Brazil. It also mentions his friendly attitude and interactions with Brazilian players. Overall, it shows Kanit’s excitement for the event and his appreciation for the organization.

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