Poker Monday continues at Melincué Casino

Poker Monday continues at Melincué Casino

December is here and the year is over, but the action at Merincue Casino and Casino does not stop. Resorthas confirmed to host two editions of Poker Mondays, a traditional tournament held over several weeks at one of the region’s most prestigious institutions.

The buy-in for this event is $50,000, with starting chips starting at 40,000 chips. Can register to Level 6 or re-register for the same price, up to $50,000, up to Level 6. Play starts at 7.30pm with blinds of 30 and 20 minutes.

In December, Mondays at 11am and 6pm are confirmed so you can book your schedule and enjoy the best poker games at Melincué Casino & Resort.

Poker Monday – Melincué Casino & Resort Technical Sheet

Date: Monday, March 11 & 18

Time: 7:30 PM

Buy-in: $50,000

Starting Chips: 40,000 chips (plus 5,000 on-time chips)

Re-Enter: $50,000 (max. Level 6)

Late Registration:Level 6

Dead Zone:First 6 levels 30 minutes; then 20′.

Poker Monday continues at Melincué Casino

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  • Russel.heather

    This text provides information about the upcoming Poker Mondays tournaments at Merincue Casino and Resort. The tournament has a buy-in of $50,000 and offers multiple opportunities to register or re-register for the same price. The games will be held on Mondays in December, with specific time slots available for players to book and participate in the poker games.

  • The text is informing readers about Poker Mondays at Merincue Casino and Casino, where two editions of the traditional tournament will be held in December. The buy-in for the event is $50,000, and players can register up to Level 6 or re-register for the same price. The games start at 7:30 PM with blinds increasing every 30 minutes for the first 6 levels and then every 20 minutes.

  • This text is promoting the upcoming Poker Mondays tournament at Melincué Casino & Resort in December. It provides the details of the event, including the buy-in, starting chips, and schedule for the tournament. It sounds like a great opportunity for poker enthusiasts to participate in a prestigious tournament.

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