Thales Barbosa reports ‘free’ experience at WSOP worth $25,000

Thales Barbosa details 'free' entry into WSOP Para...

Every poker player accustomed to the Mystery Bounty mode dreams of opening prize envelopes or treasure chests anywhere. Thales Barbosa from Minas Gerais experienced this during an online tournament at GGPoker this year. However, its price is different. He won the full WSOP Paradise package with a $25,000 tournament buy-in.

“This is a really cool story for me. I’ve been playing poker professionally since 2017. I’ve always loved playing because it gives me free time. Things to do while I’m away, traveling, working somewhere else. I end up stopping doing some races, some things, because of birthdays or dates, and that’s who I am. “I wasn’t paying attention. “My focus isn’t just on poker,” he began.

After joining the 4bet team, Telles began meeting with the team’s psychologist, and through many conversations his attitude changed. He said his focus has shifted 100% to poker. Just then, the opportunity to play Mystery Bounty presented itself.

“I earned it by playing the $210 Mystery Bounty on GGPoker. This tournament was outside my schedule. I played up to $55 on Sunday and the Sunday Million.” Ben Week, the boys said they would hold a tournament and allow everyone to compete, but this had to be the last chance on Monday. A tournament with $10,000,000 guaranteed that I definitely want to play. “

But something sad happened. “My grandmother died on Sunday. Monday is her funeral. The whole thing “family is here, but it’s the most important game of the year for me.” I had to play that game. I left and came back to compete. I have to compete. “Thank God I did it. In other years I probably would have stopped playing,” Barbosa said.

For someone who regularly participates in tournaments up to $109, Thales manages to put aside his nerves to watch the $25,000 WSOP Paradise tournament, it was a unique experience. His goal was to have fun, but he immediately realized he would be standing between two world poker legends.

“I was nervous at first. When I arrived, I realized I would be sitting next to Naza (Joao Vieira) and Joao Simão. The atmosphere was a bit tense. I started playing, I was excited to experience it, and I was very focused. But I was just watching the players, the action, getting some stories, talking to them…I was very present and living it. In the end I wasn’t nervous. I’m happy with it. I was able to play my game out there, which was awesome,” he said.

Thales Barbosa details 'free' entry into WSOP Para...

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  • This text tells the story of Thales Barbosa, a poker player who won a $25,000 tournament buy-in and the WSOP Paradise package. Despite facing personal challenges and the pressure of playing alongside poker legends, he remained focused and had a great experience. It showcases the dedication and determination of professional poker players.

  • The text describes the experience of Thales Barbosa, a poker player who won the full WSOP Paradise package in an online tournament. Despite facing personal tragedy, he chose to compete in the tournament and had a memorable experience playing alongside poker legends.

  • I think this text tells a compelling story of a poker player who overcame personal tragedy to compete in a high-stakes tournament and ended up winning a valuable prize. It also highlights the importance of focus and determination in achieving success in poker.

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