Uruguay: A new casino is being built in the east

Uruguay: A new casino is being built in the east

A few weeks ago, officials announced that a casino would be built in the town of Paysandu, which lies on the border with the city of Colon in the Argentine province of Entre Ríos. Now the national government has announced that a new building will be built on the coast. It has started an international tender process for the construction of a hotel with a luxury casino in Rocha La Paloma, just 13 kilometers from Punta del Este > . Bidders must have a local representative according to the official mandate.

Tourism Minister Tabare Vieira announces, local or international Interested parties can purchase bid documents by Monday, October 23rd for $10,000 and envelopes will begin opening on Tuesday, October 24th.

On 1 August, President Luis Lacalle Pou took a decision to have approved an international public tender for the sale of a $6 million property owned by the Ministry of Transport and Public Works.

Casapueblo de La Paloma.

Such sales must be tied to the construction and operation of the hotel. The casino has a 20-year license to exploit games of chance privately. The property is 27 hectares, 432 meters high, and is located near the port of La Paloma, between the city center and La Aguada. The area is classified as “rural”.

The official statement opens the doors to the casino

“For the rough diamond, Rocha Costa, we have to give it a lot of luster, for which the Ministry of Government and the Ministry of Tourism are responsible for public policy”, Tabare Vieira emphasized. “The maritime region of the country deserves it and needs it,” he said.

Tourism Undersecretary Remo Monzeglio expressed this view saying it was “The most ambitious project” that aims not to compete with other hotels but to “grow customers, events, conferences and casino rooms as attractions”.

Uruguay: A new casino is being built in the east

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